Our Ethos

Tommazo is dedicated to making ethical choices and constant efforts towards all possible changes and sustainable innovations in hope for a better future of the fashion industry.


In the current climate emergency, it’s clear that the last years of incremental changes in sustainable materials, resource efficiency and recycling did not bring about the desired results and they are not quite enough. All such improvements are lost in a system where the volume of production, consumption, and waste generation constantly escalate. Therefore at Tommazo our focus over the years has drifted to minimizing volumes of production – narrowing our production to two seasonal collections per year – of which each contains a specific and strict selection of high-quality durable pieces made from wise and responsible fabric choices.


Zero waste is an approach we have adopted at a very early stage throughout our production process. Therefore using fewer resources than conventional styles and aiming to address fabric waste created during production. We adopt and use the width of cloth as the space within which to design the pattern pieces of a garment, while simultaneously considering garment fit, aesthetics, and cost. At Tommazo our fabric/material choices are high quality – with the least negative environmental impact- and we have a strict policy on purchasing the amount of fabrics that we are actually producing and consuming. The fabric choices are also focused on long lasting and timeless pieces that can be used for future collections in case of any remaining’s. Part of our packaging of clothing is also made from excess fabrics, ensuring zero waste.


First and foremost ethical working environment conditions and practices is our top priority. Diversity and inclusivity of all gender, age groups and ethnicity is a continuous goal we strive to achieve. Investing in people is investing in your brand and this is how we approach our community relationships by supporting local companies and households throughout all stages of production. From product and material purchasing, to producing and then retailing, Tommazo follows a ‘human first’ rule, making sure that we support local businesses and families by contributing and creating a healthy and fair working environment at all costs.


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